Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With Strings Attached

Isinulat ko ito noon sa luma kong blog... At na-nose bleed ako sa pagka-sulat ko! Hahaha. Halos mag-iisang taon na rin nung naisulat ko ito, at natutuwa ako na nagbo-blog ako dahil nababalik-balikan ko ang mga nasulat ko. =) Repost ko lang at edit ng kaunti, hindi ko na ita-translate dahil mas sapul yung pagkasulat ko sa Ingles. Para ito sa mga babaeng kailangan ng sampal. Sabayan nyo na lang akong ma-nosebleed. =)

Sometimes, things just don't work the way you planned them to be. Sometimes you fall in love helplessly, only to find out you've fallen out of love instantly. Whether by choice or by chance, it doesn't matter what the reason is. All you know is that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person who would be The One. And the grueling task of waiting and finding The Right One will shock you, haunt you, and exhaust you.

Finding the right one is difficult. You go on blind dates, speed dates, bars, and crowded places to broaden your chances of finding the one who will complement you. With no strings attached, it can be tolerable. But with strings attached, it can be a disaster.

A man after breaking up with his girlfriend can move on without giving a damn about his Ex. He could care less about her activities... Unless of course she stalks him or she is still obsessed with him. However, a married man cannot just go into another relationship without considering his wife. A woman can't just enter a relationship knowing that the other party is STILL in a relationship. You can't replace something that is still in place. You can't just be a wife because of THE wife.

With the sacrament still intact, women are cautious because either they get scared of being the third party, or mad at being just the second woman. Despite the guy's arrangement with his wife that they live separately, any other woman who gets into a relationship with him will still legally be labeled as the "kabit or kerida."

Now imagine that, plus the man has kids. Won't that make everything much more complicated?

Some women are content with being the second woman in a man's life. Some aren't. Is it because of love that they can swallow being the second woman? Is it magic? Or is it plain stupidity? Making the choice between listening to your heart and listening to what society says will drive you mad. But in the end, you will still choose that which will make you happy.

Will you be happy being only second in somebody's life?

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